Textures are the easiest, most inexpensive way to fire up the cosy factor for this winter. Let’s break it down in 4 easy steps.


Any good space needs a basket. Or two, or three! The use of baskets is an easy way to add texture and functionality to any space! Baskets are very versatile, they can be used to hold a plant, throws and firewood, or you can even create a gallery wall of flat woven baskets. When shopping, look for natural woven baskets with a thick, chunky texture. Also, keep the undertones in mind – does it skew a colour of orange or honey, whitewashed or dark brown? Make sure the tone of the basket fits in well with the décor in your room.



Ever heard of layering rugs? Here’s how. Layered rugs work best on hard-surfaced floors such as wood, concrete and tile. Start with a plain rug at the bottom and add a textured rug on top, perhaps a rug with a furry texture or bold design. For us, the best and easiest way to layer rugs is to start with a jute rug at the bottom. It is a blank canvas that brings lots of texture and warmth to a room. But in the end, choosing a rug and its placement is a personal decision. You want a room to exude your personal style and personality!


Scatter cushions are a great way of making your space feel new! Not only does it add texture but also gives your space a personal touch. It will defiantly transform your couch, bed or any piece to a cosy, warm winter look. If you are shopping for scatters, physically run your hand over the surface of the scatter to feel the texture. Select scatters with varied textures and avoid those that feel flat.  When you are shopping online, look for scatters with fabrics that are hand-loomed or linen, or have fringe added.


Throws are an effortless way to add texture to any space.  We like throws with chunky cable knits and fur textures, as well as lightweight muslin or linen throws. Also, keep an eye out for throws with pom-poms, tassels, or a fringe, which also adds texture.  The best part about throws is that they literally require no effort.  Just purchase it and drape it across a couch, bench, or blanket ladder.  It’s that simple!

Finally, light a candle, pour a glass of good old red wine, and enjoy your winter-ready space that you’ve just created!